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Gone Green Girl.... Eczema free for over a year with diet & healing plantain salve.

After I had my son I was diagnosed with eczema. I had it so badly on my legs i couldn't wear shorts or skirts. I would frequently get infections on my skin due to the sores and constant itching. After 18 years of being prescribed topical steroids by my dermatologist I decided I was done trying to mask the symptoms of my eczema and I was going to get the root of it. I changed my diet, working with a naturopathic doctor (Amber Weingart - Opulent Natural Health in Bloomington, MN - It was Amber that made me my first plantain salve.  

Plantain – the most useful “weed” in your backyard! Plantain, which goes by the same name as the close relative of the banana, is sometimes called the “band aid” plant. Thanks to the presence of iridoids, it has a very soothing, anti-inflammatory effect on skin. It also contains aglycone and aucubigenin – which have documented antimicrobial activity – and allantoin, which supports skin healing. 

Plantain is considered helpful for:

Bee/wasp stings
Spider bites
Mosquito and other bug bites
Poison ivy/poison oak/sumac (this remedy using plantain and jewelweed is great)
Diaper rash

Within 2-3 Months my eczema was completely gone. My red itchy legs completely healed. Now I'd like to help others get the same relief. 

Gone Green Girl's Plantain Salve is made with Organic Olive Oil infused with plantain (harvested from chemical free grounds), beeswax, vitamin E, & Grape Seed Extract.

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